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When you consider that time is potentially not just a linear, one dimensional line, that it too bends…and a tenant of atheist rejection of the God of Abraham is the ‘age’ of the earth…it really leaves them holding the bag of essentially flat earth thinking…in this case, flat time thinking.

 It’s only in the confines of such simplistic, ‘primitive’ thinking one would arise to the insistence that God Himself would require a creator

The Bible doesn’t condemn slavery…’modern secular morality ftw’? - NOT EVEN CLOSE



Do you own an iPad, iPhone, Xbox? Do you have any Puma, Nike, Adidas apparel? If you own these things and many many others, you contribute to slavery.

The guy in the top meme would have you believe we are living per atheist standards in an enlightened age of utopia, where slavery not only doesn’t exist…but he doesn’t realize he probably contributes to it. 

The Cambodia textile workforce, the Chinese manufacturing force is populated by modern day slaves. Paid next to nothing and literally work round the clock to the point of just dropping. Suicide, pleas for help to the outside world (in one case a note tucked in some Halloween decorations), mass faintings…

Perhaps the reason slavery is never outright condemned is because as long as people are governing and ruling themselves and not God, slavery will always, in some form, be unavoidable. 

No matter how advanced and dignified and civilized the Titanic was, the were guys breaking their backs in the sweltering heat below, feeding the fires of the engine. 

Scripture does not condemn it, but it tells Christians, those who own slaves, to treat them well. Ephesians 6:(5-)9

People like this Dan Savage guy can play the morally superior role, but it is only through his blinded eyes straining through rose colored glasses. 

We look at slavery from the ivory tower of America and shun it and condemn it, but much of the products we buy come from sweatshop slavery.

The letter he is referring to is that of a slave, Onesimius who stole and ran away from Philemon and was in prison with Paul. Paul writes to Philemon to accept Onesimus back and pardon him. 

The bible didn’t get it wrong. Dan Savage might prefer to ignore those Cambodians who have been working for 24 hrs straight making $20 a day to make his tennis shoes, but God and scripture do not.

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