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If you’re an 80’s kid and you had a Moss Man action figure, you may remember the smell. Maybe not, perhaps it’s just me. But the figure had a distinct smell about it and I could never quite place it. 

If you want an aromatic trip down memory lane, I just discovered today that Method All Purpose Cleaner (the green one) smells almost exactly like Moss Man did…hence this post.


Anyone Looking For a Sign…

The past decade has seen the River Euphrates’ water level decrease by 3/4. This is due to a few factors, Turkey, drought, mismanagement….

Iraq depends on the Euphrates for 65% of its water needs. Now, with ISIS in control of the down flow of this water, the levels have decreased further. 

The Euphrates is going dry


UPDATE - Scientist Fired For Peer Review on Triceratops Soft Tissue Find, Suing

In case you missed it, scientist, Mark Armitage was abruptly canned (ie silenced) from California State University after reporting a find on soft tissue found in a triceratops horn. 

A local CBS affiliate picked this up. Hopefully if findings like this come to light more, both the scientific discovery and of the silencing, more people will embrace the truth. 

These people claim to be seekers of the truth. More and more we find them exposed as atheist zealots doing all they can to suppress the truth and perpetuate untruths.

This isn’t a novelty however. I was challenged a while back on this, as T Rex heme also had been found and upon further research, it was found that about half of dinosaur samples studied still had soft tissue.

You want to use the bible or not, these dinosaur remains are not over 65 million years old. They are merely thousands of years old. 

78 Answers to 78 Atheist Questions (51-78)

Some of the questions are redundant, so some have been clustered.

51-56) Who is a Christian?

Anyone who adheres to the teachings and accepts Jesus Christ as their savior and repents of their sins. 

57) Do you really believe Mary was impregnated without ever having sex?

Yes. There is also a scientific phenomenon known as parthenogenesis. 

58) If someone came up to you and told you she was pregnant but a virgin, would you believe her?

Yes. Probably artificial insemination in that case.

59) Why did Mary have to be raped?

The asker is truly coming unhinged if he considers this a legit question. It’s slander and a strawman.

60) If you could go back in time to when Jesus was being crucified, would you try to save Him?

No. Peter tried to save Him from being taken captive. Jesus told him to put his sword back and “the cup that my Father gave me, should I not drink it?”

61) What would it take to change your mind about GOD’s existence?. 

Eternity. What would it take to change yours?

62) Do you think it’s strange when someone says they’re going to believe in something no matter what, even when the evidence seems to point in the other direction?

Yes, which is why atheism makes no sense.

63-64) Has your pastor said something you disagreed with at church, did you confront them?

He may have said something anti-gun a while back. Didn’t really bother me though. 

65-68) Why are there denominations, which is right?

In every believer is their own denomination. If 20 people go to a concert, they’ll have different seats, but they’ll be seeing the same show, just from different angles.

69) Who causes disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes?

For the most part they are the mechanics of a fallen world. GOD can implement them though as we see miracles in the bible. 

70-72) The ten commandments, Why do so many Christians believe that the first four of the belong on government property?

1) Put no other gods before Me. 2) Make no idols or graven images of anything on heaven or earth 3) Do not take the name of the lord in vain 4) remember the Sabbath

The United States of America was fought for and founded primarily by protestants and deists. The belief in GOD, a Divine Creator, that the country was founded by Divine Providence is seminal to the foundation of the country. Why shouldn’t a country of people who believe in GOD and has that belief drive its founding laws not recognize their Creator?

73) Do you think it’s just a coincidence that different religions are popular in different parts of the world?

No. Oral traditions from Noah were passed down and different people emphasized on different aspects, often distorting them out of context.

74) If you were born in Saudi Arabia would you be a muslim?

No. I think people are by default born muslim in Saudi Arabia, but many leave and convert. 

75) Is it possible religion has less to do with what’s true than where and when you were born?

Not mine.

76-78) Is childbirth a miracle, how come it happens thousands of times a week?

Yes. Miracles happen millions of times a week, you’re just not recognizing them.

He also has video with titles such as 10 Tips on Winning a Debate….the focus isn’t being right or getting to the truth, it’s just winning the short game debate….

and classics such as Why Your Religion is Harmful…lol

78 Answers to 78 Atheist Questions (26-51)

Some of the questions are redundant, so some have been clustered.

26) Why does it seem GOD is more likely to help a talented athlete than a staving kid in Africa? 

Less than 2% of all athletes go pro in their given field. They are in the news all the time. Success stories for individual African children are not. GOD may take a successful athlete and use them to help kids in Africa, for example Osi Umenyiora. 

27) Why does GOD seem to hate Africa?

When the authority over Africa was Britain, Christians, Africa was not impoverished and violent as is now. Since colonialism, godless men have taken over. 

Satan, not GOD is ruler of this world (John 12:31). 

28) If a group of people from Africa came you your community to share their faith, would you listen to them and take them seriously or would you write them off?

Yes, I’d listen to them. Other beliefs have basis, roots, albeit distorted in some cases, from what we find in Genesis. For example, Wu wei in taoism, I think describes what Adam would have described what living on earth before the Fall.

29) Does GOD speak to you personally?

Audibly? No. That would make me a prophet.

30-31) If GOD told you to kill someone, would you?

Can’t say. GOD asked Abraham to kill Issac but wouldn’t allow him to do it. This is foreshadowing Jesus. I don’t believe GOD would ask me to kill my child.

32-33) Is God watching over you on the toilet?


34-35) What about muslims who say the koran is the holy book?

It isn’t

36) Have you read the koran?

Not entirely, but enough

37) Why do you easily dismiss their beliefs?

It’s not easily dismissed.

38) Why do you get upset when atheists dismiss yours?

It’s not just dismissal, its accompanied with arrogance, smugness, rudeness…

39) Is acting on homosexuality a sin?


40) Is homosexuality itself a sin?

It’s a mental disorder

41) Do you believe gays and lesbians should have the right to get legally married?

Through a church, no. If this is a societal structure that rejects GOD now, then sure. Would you ride get on a structure such as a roller coaster that was only assembled with bolts or screws and not both?

42-43) Would your church ever marry a gay/lesbian couple?

Don’t think so.

44) Why would GOD create gay people and then punish them for it?

GOD didn’t create any gay people. People aren’t ‘born gay’. They may have a defect that predisposes them to homosexual tendencies, in a way some people are predisposed to alcoholism, but and alcoholic can chose to not drink and life a fulfilling life.

45)Why do Christians persecute homosexuals?

You have us confused with islam. “Gays” are afforded every right other people are except marriage and donating blood….and that’s simply because they account for less than 2% of the population and account for about 63% of annual new HIV cases.

46) Why is GOD playing hide and seek with all of humanity?

GOD’s invisible attributes are everywhere in natural creation. 

47) Do you believe Jesus is coming back in your lifetime?

It depends on how long my life will be.

48) If you do, what do you say to all of those people who said the same thing for the past centuries?

You were ready, just as you were asked to be

49) Why is Jesus’ story so similar to previous mythological characters (he provides a list)

The list is full of far reaches and blatant lies in order to make it look like they are more similar to Jesus than were. 

50) How do you decide which sections of the bible are literally true and which are metaphors?

A basic reading level of understanding would clear this up. The bible provides its own context, additionally, in some cases will blatantly say something is a parable or explain what a vision meant.

78 Answers to 78 Atheist Questions (1-25)

I was initially going to make a video response, maybe later. Many of the questions are redundant, as such I clustered some of them. 

1-3, 5, 6) Are ‘good’ non Christians burning in hell and mean Christians in heaven?

No one can answer this. It is GOD’s judgement, Are we at the pinnacle of understanding and morality today in our culture as such that we are supreme in our understanding that you feel you are able to be more just than GOD? 

Consider faith being more than symbolic. Consider the notion that one’s faith in Jesus Christ has a metaphysical purpose which ultimately separates us. 

To analogize this question, it is like saying; “What if there is this really nice person at school, but they don’t care about getting a good grade and may drop out. Should that person, could that person be subjecting themselves to a life of flipping burgers?

4) Should a killer who genuinely repents go to heaven?


7) Would you be happy in heaven if someone you loved were in hell?

Now you understand the reasoning behind missionaries, sidewalk preachers, no one wants anyone to go to hell. But in heaven, we will have a perfect understanding. GOD is just.

8,9, 12, 16) Which would be more effective, praying or ________?

False dichotomy, false premise. Prayer does not negate action. You do them both.

10) Whose prayers does GOD answer?


11) If it’s GOD’s will, why bother praying?

When Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, He asked if His death were the only way, the Father’s will, for it to be done, but if there was another way, to take it. (Matthew26)

Say I need to go to Michigan. There are several routes I can take to get there. As such, praying for a different path to fulfill GOD’s will can be prayed for.. 

13) If you had an amputated limb, would prayer ever bring it back?

It’s not impossible. 

14, 15) Why are there no miracles on camera?

What do you define as a miracle? Maybe you see miracles every day and just don’t recognize them as such.

17) If you prayed for me over YouTube right now, do you think I would know it somehow?


18-19) Does the quantity or quality of prayers matter most to GOD?

Neither. Sincerity.

20) How come people close to us died, no matter what we say to GOD?

Death is a sad fact of life. It was not part of GOD’s creation initially. 

Consider a kid whose parent dies from SARS or another disease. Perhaps GOD had planned for this person to instrumentally contribute to finding a cure for the disease and this would be the event to set them on that course.

21) Is it possible your prayers have no effect and only serve to make you feel better?


22) And if that were true, would you admit it?

Yes, it would be called meditation.

23) Is there anything in your life right now that makes you doubt GOD’s existence?


24) If you did doubt GOD’s existence, how would your life change?

It wouldn’t

25) Was Jesus white?



Anonymous asked:

do you thinnk vegans are like pro-lifers?


Many of the ones I have encountered are not. That being said, I cannot speak for every pro-lifer out there. I’m sure there are vegan pro-lifers and there are pro-lifers who eat meat.

I do think that it’s a tad hypocritical to be pro-life and not be vegan. Animals are sentient beings, after all.

- Emily.

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