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Anonymous asked:

do you thinnk vegans are like pro-lifers?


Many of the ones I have encountered are not. That being said, I cannot speak for every pro-lifer out there. I’m sure there are vegan pro-lifers and there are pro-lifers who eat meat.

I do think that it’s a tad hypocritical to be pro-life and not be vegan. Animals are sentient beings, after all.

- Emily.


Update on Saeed: Saeed’s mom was able to visit Saeed at the prison today. He was doing better physically. His mom is not doing so well. Her health is deteriorating. I would appreciate prayers for Saeed’s mom as she is alone now in Iran being a support for Saeed. All family and relatives and friends have abandoned her in Iran since Saeed’s arrest due to fear of any association with Saeed and his family. 

Please continue to pray for Saeed’s release . I am believing in the power of prayer and miracles to happen as we get together and pray.

Blood Donation Equality?

I realize rationality, reason, common sense don’t go far in today’s America. 

When you consider the gay (male) population to be roughly around 1.5% (2.3% overall). And that population accounts for CDC approx 63% of annual HIV new accounts

That number is from 2010. So if we assume this number is constant, and that also we started from zero (definitely not the case), skewed to a population of 325 million, this would mean that MINIMUM the HIV rate in the gay population is 1 in every 56 are infected. 

From my understanding, it doesn’t show up right away. 

If the above campaign became true, the blood supply would essentially be completely tainted. There would be an exponentially higher risk for you, your mom, your dad, you child, your best friend, if in need of a blood transfusion, that it may contain HIV positive blood. 

This isn’t a lash out at gay people, its a plea for common sense.

Don’t call me straight!


Rush has been talking about the results of a survey that shows over 97% of the respondents indicated they are “straight”. Back in the 70’s “straight” was a derogatory word (you know, like the N word) that meant someone who refuses to smoke Marijuana. Now it is used to describe heterosexuals or someone who does not take part in LGBT lifestyles. Just call me a normal human being or heterosexual if you must use a label. Just don’t call me straight.

I know people think the whole ‘marriage equality’ thing is cute and all, but how about upping the ante. 

Gay men…going by the 2.3% figure, well assume gay men account for about half of that figure. We’ll call it 1.1. 

So gay men, accounting for approx 1.1% of the population, make up 63%/yr in new HIV cases.

Now the next ‘equality’ movement is to allow gay men to donate blood. 

Yes, gay blood drive. 

Guarantee these people believe in evolution

This is brainlessness

Outraged internets posters over picture of Steven Speilberg posing with “poached” Jurassic Park character.

I guarantee 100%, these people are not young earth creationists and would probably say creationists are morons. 

people think this is real, lulz:


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